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National OES Mission Statement

Our mission is to continue to support the York Rite Masonic family through activities and projects that will provide meaningful service to our organization and communities. To perpetuate a sisterhood that will provide service while showing love and compassion to all humankind, thus becoming models for the women of the community. Sisters who will allow the inward light from their star to shine brightly, so that all who see it can grow from their works and join them in glorifying the source of all light.

Our Goal

1. To fulfill our quest to increase membership by

gaining new Chapters, reviving defunct

Chapters and Chapters with low memberships.

2. To develop strategies for recruitment and

retention of members, and enhanced supervision.

3. To increase the visibility of the OES in the

community through greater participation in civic

activities including positive youth movements.

4. To continually update the Procedural Manual, to

insure the uniformity of ceremonies through out

the country to adapt to change.

5. To provide avenues and information for all

members through workshops,conferences, retreats

and other leadership programs.

6. To update the history of the York Rite Eastern

Star Organization.

7. To foster a greater love throughout the sisterhood.